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Telefónica deploys CloudVPN for SME customers

Telefonica CEO José María Álvarez-Pallete

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  • Alliance with Huawei for a network service platform and CloudVPN
  • The solution is aimed specially at small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Initial deployment plan will begin in Argentina and Chile
  • Progressive roll-out across Latin America and Europe

Telefónica Business Solutions has signed a global alliance with Huawei for the development of a network service platform and CloudVPN for enterprises. The solution is aimed specially at SMEs and delivers a simple form of private network between the business’ different premises combined with safe navigation, remote access for teleworkers and a web portal where customers can monitor, manage and adjust their services in real time.

The telco says it can be quickly delivered whilst fully protecting SMEs from cyberattacks and other threats. The initial deployment plan will begin in Argentina and Chile with a progressive roll-out across Latin America and Europe in Telefónica’s coverage areas.

“Telefónica has a long tradition in supporting SMEs,” said Hugo de los Santos, Director Global B2B Products & Services at Telefónica. “Now that digitalisation is transforming everything at an unparalleled speed we want to keep playing a key role supporting their digital transformation.”

Telefónica says that SMEs are the backbone of all major economies and represent an important strategic segment in the countries where it operates. However, in many cases, due to commercial and operational restraints, this segment of enterprises does not always have immediate and uninhibited access to the latest technology. With the emergence of virtualization, automation and the explosion of data bandwidth, Telefónica says SMEs can now take advantage of new technologies and enhance their agility.

The network service platform and CloudVPN feature an embedded and fully integrated security solution, meaning that communications between the client's headquarters and remote users are safeguarded. Customers will have full service deployment control and the ability to implement an end-to-end governance model across all business applications. Furthermore, as a service based on an open source platform, customers have the flexibility to use any type of public access or private, own or third-party network.

“Huawei CloudEPN (Enterprise Private Network) solution aims to help carriers provide SDN based agile and on-demand enterprise interconnection services for customers, meeting requirements of rapid innovations and fast changes of enterprise demands,” said Kevin Hu, President of Huawei Network Product Line. “The solution helps carriers grasp opportunities during enterprises' B2B digital transformation, continuously increase B2B market revenue and achieve business success.”

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