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Security needs to be baked in, not bolted on says new TIA CEO

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Wes Johnston, CEO of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)

Wes tells Martyn Warwick that he took the TIA job because he loves technology, loves what’s going on in the industry and he believes that you can’t be effective in telecoms unless you start with that. 

Wes comes most recently from the private equity/M&A environment and he thinks this has given him a valid perspective on his current position, observing that business affinity organisations, like the TIA, now operate in a highly competitive environment. 

There are 31 active associations addressing cybersecurity alone, he says, an area he sees as natural territory for the TIA.  “Cybersecurity is one place where all the current technology growth areas intersect,” he says. Wes wants TIA to be based on and around those intersections. 

Filmed at: Mobile World Congress Americas, San Francisco, 2017

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