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Flat rate data tariffing for NB-IoT


  • Flat rate data tariffing for NB-IoT
  • New billing flexibility offered in the ThingPark ecosystem

Deutsche Telekom and the Cologne-based mobile communications provider 1NCE are amongst the first IoT network service providers to move beyond a quasi-subscription model for IoT. Instead customers pay a ‘lifetime fee” of ten euros and receive a data flat rate of up to 500 megabytes for the service life of each smart device for ten years. In this way, costs can be better calculated because customers will no longer have to pay monthly, changing amounts depending on the volume of data consumed, it's claimed.

The offer is initially valid within the European Union as well as in Switzerland and Norway.

1NCE, in which Deutsche Telekom is also financially involved, networks machines and devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) that transmit only small amounts of data at irregular intervals - such as smart water meters or smoke detectors. Deutsche Telekom provides 1NCE capacities from its machine network as part of 5G.

“With this tariff, we will make it as easy as possible for our customers to quickly implement new IoT solutions. That means no monthly bills, no additional fees, no tariff jungle", says Alexander P. Sator, founder and CEO of 1NCE. “Deutsche Telekom, as a pioneer in NB-IoT, is effectively pushing ahead with the expansion of the network. We hope that this close cooperation will accelerate growth in the European IoT market.”

New billing flexibility offered in the ThingPark ecosystem

More billing innovation for IoT from Actility via an open source billing engine framework added to the ThingPark Wireless platform. Actility's Opencell partnership means the company can offer billing-as-a-service for ThingPark Wireless customers, support ThingPark Market ecommerce, and enable key features of its channel partner programme to support advanced revenue-sharing business models globally, the company claims.

Olivier Hersent, Actility CEO, explains: “Opencell provided the flexibility we needed to optimise the product billing features available within ThingPark Wireless to the complex and evolving needs of our network operator partners for their IoT billing & settlement. We have also integrated it completely in our IaaS cloud to manage the complex financial flows matrix of ThingPark Market for devices, applications and connectivity, and the related settlement requirements.” ​​

Olivier claims Opencell’s solution is the only open source billing platform capable of addressing complex B2B and B2C usage scenarios.

“The partnership between Actility and Opencell significantly reduces the cost barrier to entry of addressing complex IoT business models and ensures the reduced time to market that’s critical in the fast-moving world of LPWAN,” he concluded.

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