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Private LTE networks; Boosting NB-IoT speeds to 150Kbps up; real-time data for smart cities


  • Private LTE networks a boon for IoT thanks to US CBRS band
  • Boosting NB-IoT speeds up to 150Kbps upload
  • Useful real-time data for transport applications

Private LTE networks a boon for IoT thanks to US CBRS band

Sierra Wireless and Ruckus Networks, are demonstrating a live private LTE network operating in the U.S. Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band at MWC (Hall 2, stand 2G51). The demo features a Sierra Wireless AirLink® MG90 multi-network router with an AirPrime® EM75 Series LTE-A Pro embedded module and a Ruckus Q910 3.5 GHz LTE Access Point (AP) showing commercial-grade video surveillance over a CBRS-band LTE link.  

Sierra Wireless’ LTE-A Pro module supports private networks, including CBRS, and the 150 MHz portion around 3.5 GHz in the US. This allows organizations to take advantage of spectrum-sharing to establish their own  LTE networks, without having to buy a spectrum license. CBRS opens possibilities for a broader range of new IoT use cases, including:

  • Enterprises deploying secure communication and system tools on employees’ devices for enhanced flexibility and added security;
  • Remote video surveillance;
  • Industrial IoT applications in automation, remote mining and farming sites; and
  • Entertainment applications at stadiums or outdoor sport events, such as streaming 360-degree live videos for immersive “virtual-reality-like” experiences.

Boosting NB-IoT speeds up to 150Kbps upload

ZTE and MTK say they’ve completed the world’s first verification of NB-IoT R14 data rate. This change lifts the uplink data rate from 60kbps in R13 to over 150 kbps in R14, and boosts the downlink data rate from 21kbps in R13 to over 100kbps.  R14 NB-IoT not only increases the speeds but introduces positioning, multi-carrier enhancement and multi-broadcast functions. By improving the system capacity it also supports lower power consumption UEs, mobility and service continuity enhancements, ZTE claims.

To date, ZTE says it’s extended its IoT services to smart parking, smart street lights, smart meter reading, water quality monitoring,  smart locking,  smart city and smart home.  

Useful real-time data for transport applications

InterDigital will be showing off its oneTRANSPORT data marketplace, newly launched as a commercial service in the UK. It boasts ‘an actively expanding ecosystem’ says InterDigital, that currently includes Northamptonshire County Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Arup, WorldSensing and Traak Systems.

The idea is to build a marketplace in real-time data from a myriad of closed, siloed systems and make the data available through an open, standards-based system with data licenses.

This will mean members can use the data to create new data-driven digital transport solutions. Public and private sector organizations across different sectors already utilize the oneTRANSPORT data marketplace to publish, distribute and consume both real-time and historical data with each other to reveal insights and create new intelligent transport services.

The commercial service is an offshoot of the  two-year oneTRANSPORT project, which brought together more than 300 different datasets, coordinated eleven public and private partners’ activities, and which was recognized with 9 global awards. The oneTRANSPORT data marketplace operates on the Chordant platform, a cloud-based system built for real-time data, and is supported by a commercial framework that makes open data sharing simple for any organization.

At MWC InterDigital will demonstrate how the oneTRANSPORT data marketplace enables the monetization of real-time Smart City and Intelligent Mobility data streams - it can be seen at InterDigital’s pavilion in Hall 7, Stand 7C61. For more information, please visit. https://onetransport.io/

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